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Huge Cartoon Planes & Accessories Collection

Download Huge Cartoon Planes & Accessories Collection FREE Unity

Get ready to race with this Brobdingnagian assortment cartoon aeroplanes and accessories. currently with nine new Edge 540 planes and also the emotional person has arrived! currently with forty-three prefabs.

This package consists of 5 low poly cartoon aeroplanes with totally different skins still as low poly blimps, hot air balloons, pickups, trophies and pylons. we’ve additionally provided blank ultraviolet layouts for straightforward writing. Fill your game with a good assortment of things.

All models are set up as prefabs, simple to begin operating. simply drag and drop them into your scene. merely drag a prefab from the prefabs folder into your scene. you’ll be able to access the engine Boolean on the Plane and Blimp scripts, this is often wont to flip the props off or on.