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HQ Retro Farmhouse (Modular)

Download HQ Retro Farmhouse (Modular) Free Unity. 

Video | High-res | 360-degree panoramas | Forum

URP and HDRP is now supported “out of the box”!

Far away from big cities you will find this silent place, where you can feel the cosiness of a county house and hear the crackle of vinyl sitting in a rocking chair near the fireplace…

HQ Retro Farmhouse – it’s an universal modular house with a lot of customizable stuff included.

►—–CINEMATIC VIDEO (rendered in Unity)—–◄

Do you need a clean bright house or an abandoned dirty one, infused with a mystical atmosphere? No problem!
The houses made with this pack could be absolutely different, have any layouts, different colors, patterns and age.
99% of all that you see here can be adjusted with few clicks: all the walls, roof, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, and big props such as sofa, chairs, kitchen set, beds, fireplace, bathtub, tables, closets and many more.

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