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HQ Industrial Mega Kit

Download HQ Industrial Mega Kit FREE Unity. 

Version 1.3 now includes 35 industrial signs, decals, and wall stencils!

FREE ASSET: The HQ PBR Air Ducts Kit is now free — the perfect companion to this package!

Are you searching for the most realistic cardboard boxes ever made? How bout the most beautiful shipping crates ever made? The HQ PBR Industrial Mega Kit is guaranteed to be the most beautiful collection of junk you’ll ever find on the asset store!

HQ Industrial Mega Kit Package Includes:

Demo Scene (Pictured)
270+ HQ PBR Texture Maps*
125+ Low-Poly Prefabs (Game Ready)
85+ HQ PBR Materials (Unity Standard)

*Each material’s Smoothness/Metalness/Occlusion values are stored in individual RGBA TIFF’s for maximum efficiency and memory overhead.

Prefabs Include: