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Hot Reload | Edit Code Without Compiling

Edit any C# function and get immediate updates in your game.

☑️ Unity Verified Solution

???? Unity Awards 2023 Nominee: Best Development Tool

Hot Reload allows you to instantly apply code changes, without compiling. Works in PlayMode, EditMode, and On-Device! Trusted by solo indie developers and massive studios alike – Hot Reload has already saved developers thousands of hours.

✔️  Supported Edits

Hot Reload supports the most common code edits, including:

Changing the logic of a method. You can use all C# syntax supported by your Unity Editor version, including C# version 8.
Adding a new method
Burst Compile/Unity Jobs
Debugger support
Editing generic methods
Editing statics/singletons
Editing function parameters. renaming, changing type, adding/removing parameters, etc
Editing async/await
Editing lambda functions
Editing properties
Editing partial classes
Any accessibility, including public/private/internal/protected
and much more…

For more details, visit the supported features page


ℹ️  The Asset Store version is for individuals and small teams. Unity Pro/Enterprise companies with more than 10 employees require a Business license. See the pricing page on our website for more details.

???? Easy setup

Download & Import – Download Hot Reload from the Unity Asset Store and import it into your project.
Run it – Click the ‘Start’ button to install and start Hot Reload
Done – Make changes and see immediate updates to your C# code! No project changes required!

???? Key features

Edit Any Function – If you have the C# code, Hot Reload can patch it instantly. Works with any text editor.
Seamless – Changes apply without requiring a domain reload. This means the game keeps running, with all variables intact, just like you’d expect.
Fast, Even on Large Projects – Changes apply in milliseconds, no matter your project size or complexity. Hot Reload has proven itself reliable on extremely large projects.
Unity Verified Solution – You can expect a robust and scalable solution with continued support for years to come.

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