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Horror Environment Pack 1

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Large pack for creation of varied quite environments with a slight horror twist. Horror side isn’t essential but. you’ll be able to easily develop non-horror, solely realistic environments. All objects designed in realistic vogue.

The pack is fitted for creation of such environments as hospital, office, generic previous building etc.

– Most textures are 4K sized. Some 2K sized. The base colour, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Emission.

– 480 prefabs.

– fine arts objects (walls, floors, etc).
– Medical props (surgery tables, instruments, – chemical packs, bottles, etc).
– piece of furniture (chairs, desks, tables, sideboards, cabinets, armchairs, couches etc). – Lights.
– Books, Magazines, Paper sheets, envelopes, varied folders.
– table props (pens, pencils, sharpener, coffee mug, stapler, clocks, image frames etc).
– restroom props (various pipes, sink, urinal, toilet, dispenser, etc).
– electrical wiring and power boxes etc.
– wood boxes, planks etc.
– hearth extinguishers, furnace etc.
– Hospital props (beds, pillows, mattresses, cabinets, bottles etc)
– And different objects (I can’t list all of them here).