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Horror Development Kit

• the purposeful executive department created with uGUI

A massive ready-to-use things and weapons system:

• purposeful and animated torch

• torch batteries

• photographic camera with zoom

• Night mode for photographic camera

• Animated and purposeful AXE (melee)

• Animated and purposeful M1911 (Handgun), PP19 (SMG) and M1014 (Shotgun) weapons

• Weapons Ammos and magazines

Ready to use and simple to customise horror game mechanisms and components:

• Advanced Enemy AI with ragdoll integration

• purposeful draggable and traditional doors and piece of furniture (cabinets, drawers, doors…)

• Digital data input device System to lock doors or alternative furniture

• Key system

• expendable things such as bottle, apple, banana, medkit and drugs

• Switchable Lamps and Lights as well as aflicker system

• playable Audios (Radios, TVs etc.)

• purposeful Security Cameras System (CCTV)

• power System (including Generators, Blackout and Power Control)

• Jumpscare Triggers (mode: Sound – 2nd faerie – 3D Animated models)

• Healing/injury Triggers (mode: Constant injury – injury On entering – Instant Kill)

• Camera stone-broke Trigger (broke the camera once you enter)

Download Horror Development Kit Free Unity

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