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Highway Racer

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Highway Racer is physics based endless racing game against traffic. Dodge traffic vehicles at high speeds, earn score, buy&upgrade your rides.

Wanna create your own endless highway racing game? Package contains all necessary assets in this one single package! All player vehicles are powered by Realistic Car Controller.

Package Contains

* 5 Player Vehicles,
* 5 Traffic Vehicles,
* 3 New Levels,
* User Friendly Editor Scripts and Editor Windows for create&use your own content,
* All Necessary Scripts, Materials, Textures, Sound FX, etc…

Package is ready to deploy on any store. You will get what you see in demo.*

Leading Features

* Powered by Latest Realistic Car Controller
* Tested and ready to deploy for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, WebGL (Haven’t tested it on WP, but should work fine).
* Exciting unique game modes (including “Speed Bomb”)
* FPS, TPS and Top camera modes
* Pooling lightmapped roads
* Acceptable count of drawcalls, tris (Max DC 90, Max Tri 55k)
* Optimized traffic cars without wheelcolliders
* Line switching traffic cars
* Variable traffic amount
* Unlockable Cars
* Upgradable Cars (You can edit cars, prices, their upgrades from editor easily)
* All systems are related with editor scripts.
* Clean code, written in C#.
* Easy to use, highly customizable.
* Highly detailed and updated online documentation.
* Guaranteed support

Full PDF Documentation for;

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  1. layan

    Why I got virus warning every download??

    1. mdazhar007

      That’s not virus, third party software, dont download that, click on download button it will redirect you to linkvertise network from there you will get the your desired asset thank you. We have talked with the ad provider, it will also removed that software thing soon. Don’t worry

  2. william lewis

    please update version 3.5

  3. sne

    where i can download it? where is download option?

    1. Unityassets4free

      Go to second page of the post

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