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Highroad Engine

The Highroad Engine is the easiest way to create the arcade racing game of your dreams. Whether you’re planning a solo, local or online multiplayer game, we’ve got you covered. Brought to you by the creator of the Corgi Engine and the Infinite Runner Engine, this asset will bring you everything you need to make the next best Micro Machines like game.

Create your own racing game:
The asset is inspired by old school, arcade racing games such as Micro Machines, and is built with versatility in mind. Motorbikes, cars, wipeout like vehicles, trucks, karts, you can create anything you want. Vehicles are built via an easy to customize car controller, so you can tweak speed, acceleration, steering without a single line of code. Plus if you want more it’s super easy to extend, and there are examples and documentation to help with that.

Play everywhere:
The Highroad Engine allows you to drive using your keyboard, gamepad or any mobile touch device you want. It comes packed with Nice Touch, More Mountain’s battle-tested mobile input solution. Oh and it runs great on mobile of course.

Packed with Content:
4 games, 6 racetracks, 12 vehicles, aerial and 3rd person cameras, GUI menus, lobbies, ranking, checkpoints, lap counters, and more!

Local Multiplayer:
The asset supports 4 local players by default, but you can push that limit to as much as your machine can handle (it’s just a matter of buying more gamepads after all).

AI Bots:
Add and customize bots super easily. Setup their behaviour without a single line of code. Adding waypoints to refine their trajectories is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Easy to use:
Creating your own racing game has never been this easy. Import your tracks and vehicle models, add colliders, controllers, and play within minutes! You can create a whole game without a single line of code, thanks to all the custom editors, handles and gizmos. And if you want to build on top of it, the asset has been built for extendability, with virtual classes, minimal coupling, and good practices in mind.

Highroad Engine Complete Documentation:
The Highroad Engine comes complete with full API documentation, as well as functional documentation covering all the main aspects of the asset. Furthermore, the code is fully commented, so it’s easy to understand what’s happening and make changes at all times.

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