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HIGHLANDS – Stylized Environment

3D models, sounds, interactable props, textures, shaders, particle effects and more. HIGHLANDS has everything you need to create beautiful worlds with stylized graphics.

HIGHLANDS is a collection of everything you need to make a game. Create your own 3D world with a collection of models, customize it with shaders, bring it to life with particle effects, make your scene sound with a collection of 132 sounds created especially for this package.

The package has been optimized for PC and consoles and has not been tested on mobile and VR platforms.

HIGHLANDS is compatible with Built-In and Universal render pipelines.


Package Content:

3D Models (160):

Number of unique meshes. Most models have LOD’s

Forest Environment (48)
Forest Camp (50)
Forest Cabin (36)
Background Mountains (4)
Custom colliders for some objects (22)

Audio (132):

Number of unique audio clips

Player Footsteps (20)
Forest Sounds (20)
Props drop sounds (81)
Door and Chest open/close sounds (4)
Bonfire (2)
Water (4)
Music (1)

Shaders (4):

Background Objects

Particle Effects (5):

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