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High-Res Photographic Grass Billboards Vol.2

This package consists of 48 High-res Photograpic (2048px) 7x (1024px) and 2x (512px) grass billboards for use in Unity’s terrain shader.

I have set the texture sizes in Unity to 1024px. In most cases, you’ll want to use 1024px or lower sizes like 512, but remember that you have the option to set the size to 2048. Keep in mind, if you do choose to use 2048, the Unity terrain shader will reduce quality automatically if you paint too much grass on the terrain (at least it does with me). So, 2048 is only advicable if you use grass scarsely.

All these textures are made from photographs taken with a Nikon D3200 24M pixel camera. They all come with a perfect alpha layer and have been designed to play nice with the terrain detail texture atlases. This means that you won’t get lines above your grass if the textures are of different sizes are used.