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Hierarchy PRO 2021

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• New feature:
– a brand new caching system – provides a performance increase of +60%/+65%
– The new ability to avoid wasting knowledge in an external folder
– New sleek formatting

• Modules:
The ability to use tags, layers, sprite, prefabs, descriptions, sorting order, protection buttons, audio, or to form custom extension

• Colours, Labels, Icons:
The ability to use the background colour and labels with totally different alignment, similarly because of the ability to mechanically assign colours reckoning on the names or parts

• Search:
A special modal window permits you to look for objects in many ways and manipulate them

• Hierarchy PRO contains A special context menu:
For mistreatment commands like grouping or amendment hierarchy siblings order

• The HyperGraph:
Displays relations between objects and their parts, or between unity events

• the lowest Interface:
Allows you to control bookmarks or the choice history

• Hierarchy PRO Memory:
The special Memory module permits you to show the scale of three-dimensional models or size of textures similarly because of the ability to use broadcast calculation for objects with the same textures or models