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Hierarchy Pro 2021 – Extended

Download Hierarchy Pro 2021 – Extended Free Unity. 

Extensions improving process: for toolbar; style (lines height, indents, etc); For hierarchy (right bar, bottom bar, highlighter, special menu); for project; hypergraph; autosave; playmode preserver;

Fully documented :

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It is new 2022.1 important update

1 – Fixed issue with saving additional hierarchy data
2 – Fixed issue with unload/load scene
3 – Fixed CLOSING windows problems
I got a little sick and could not fix the problems in time, I apologize to all of you for such a deadline. I hope you will be happy with the asset as it was before


1. ☰ MAIN (…) :

• Lines Height/Indents/Colors and etc

• Events

[UP/DOWN] – Move multiline selection together

[LEFT/RIGHT] – Expand hovered tree item

end etc

• Background


• TopBar

Special toolbar integration allows you to quickly switch between layouts and integrate your own buttons

• Special GameObjects Menu

This mode integrated in the gameobject menu, and includes examples of elements like

‘[Group], [Ungroup], [Set next/previus sibling index], [Move to parent], [Set new parent], [Duplicate next to object], [Multi renamer], [Reverse order of child sibling indexes]’

This mode allows you to add your own menu elements.

• AutoSave

• Snap (Not bad for 2020 and below)


• Auto Highlighter

Applies colors/icons/background automatically (allows you to create a conditions based on names/components/layers/tags)

• Manual Highlighter

Applies colors/icons/background (includes child grouping, and special background styles)

• Presets Manager

Allows you to save the values of the object’s fields, including references to the internal objects of the scene

4. ☰ RIGHT BAR (4):

• Right Bar Mods Pack [9 buildin/9 custom] :