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Hexasphere Grid System

Hexasphere Grid System is a high performance spherical grid system. It leverages texture arrays and geometry shaders to provide optimal generation and runtime performance allowing hundreds of thousands of tiles.

** Features **

– Wireframe, Shaded and combined styles (shaded + wireframe).

– Bevel effect.

– Per tile color and texture.

– Extrusion with customizable height and gradient colors.

– Interactive: highlight tiles with cursor, drag/rotate and zoom sphere, fly to a given tile.

– Fast and easy to use path-finding functions to get the optimal path between any two tiles.

– Group cells to define different type of surfaces for path-finding purposes.

– Smart Edges options hides edges on adjacent tiles with same material.

– HeightMap texture support with option to use a separated water mask. Earth and water mask textures provided.

– Option to load a texture and map colors to tiles around sphere in one function call

– Inverted mode option. Renders the hexasphere inwards, placing camera at the center!

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