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HexaBody VR Player Controller

Download HexaBody VR Player Controller FREE Unity. 

HexaBody VR is a full physics player controller built using four rigid bodies for the player and two for the physics hands. Smooth locomotion is provided by the high friction LocoSphere which allows the player to easily move over uneven terrain. Included is a basic physics joint grabbing system to get you started.


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⭐ Locomotion Features ⭐
-Smooth and Snap Turning with configurable angles per second
-Walk, Run, Jump, and Crouch
-Easily move over uneven terrain
-Walk up ramps with configurable speed based on the angle of inclination
-Custom curves for crouch speed based on amount crouched
-Jump force curve based on amount crouched prior to jumping
-Feet automatically retract based on time to peak to clear jumps
-Configurable air acceleration
-Physics based climbing
-Stand on moving platforms without parenting

⭐ Player ⭐
-Define player height and leg height percentage
-Sit / Standing mode with automatic height calibration
-Standing calibration scales the camera based on variance between user vs player height
-Adjustable curve for pelvis -z offset based on crouch height
-Head Collision
-Configurable Min / Max camera height

⭐ Compatibility ⭐