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Hero Bow Animation Collection

Download Hero Bow Animation Collection Free Unity

You can use these characters for an image or build extra armour and weapons for them and use in your game production.

This assortment a part of MEDIEVAL_ANIMATIONS_MEGA_PACK.

Animation clips will be used with any rig sort however to direct it to custom characters should “humanoid” avatar used.

There is a distinction between man and girl poses, that makes the distinction between muliebrity and masculinity.

The only animation with RM_ or W_RM_ prefix contains root motion information. All others should be used while not this selection turned on.

There is animated bow prefab at the pack. Attach it to your character hand or weapon mount purpose and position properly. The bow has bequest animations rig setup.

Pack as well as :

1. a pair of realistic ideal characters (Adam and Eva) with straightforward pic and shovel.

Eva with all props: nine,841 polygons, 19,482 triangles, 10,105 vertexes. Rig: seventy five bones. (2 extra bones for breast) Adam with all props: nine,900 polygons, 19,622 triangles, 10,183 vertexes. Rig: seventy three bones

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