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Healthbars Kit

Insane Systems Healthbars Kit allows you quickly add healthbars to units in your game with minimum code needed. Or if you decide to use ready-made component, without any code at all. Includes few ready-made templates of healthbars and different settings, which allow you to customize healthbars as what you want. Fit to almost any game genre. Works fine with Unity 2017 – 2021

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– Unity UI based healthbars for FPS, TPS, RTS, RPG and all other genres.
– Easy to use.
– Simple to integrate in your project.
– No coding needed for start.
– Full customization of healthbars UI.
– Ready-made style templates of healthbars UI included.
– Also included a Damageable component which allows objects take damage and setup unit health value.
– Healthbars color change depends on health percents feature.
– Clean asset code, easy to understand and extend for your needs.