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Headless Builder

Download Headless Builder Free Unity. 

Did you know your Unity headless build could be so much faster?
That’s right, your dedicated server is wasting resources and money.

Optimize your headless build or dedicated server with one click!
Save tons and tons of CPU, RAM and disk space!
Make your life much easier!

– Strips unneeded assets like textures, sounds and video.
– Disables all graphics rendering, including lighting and shaders.
– Disables audio rendering.
– Skips shader variant compilation.
– Skips lightmap baking.

– Works out-of-the-box.
– Make regular builds and headless builds within one project.
– Supports multiple build profiles.
– Extensive documentation.

– Highly configurable.
– Cross-platform.
– Supports batch building and Unity Cloud Build.
– Can strip debug log messages from your build.
– Can output log messages to console instead of file.
– Generates a readme file.