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HE – The Bunker MegaPack v.1

Download HE – The Bunker MegaPack v.1 Free Unity. 

Tired of rocks and stones? Can’t look anymore at trees and plants? Great! Get this huge package and learn how to build modular interiors for current-gen consoles and PCs!


This package contains:
– Over 100 prefabs (brushes, furniture, doors, lamps etc.)
– Irregular objects are always with hand-crafted, optimized mesh colliders.
– Textures from 1k to 4k.
– Unity 4.x: Two bonus shaders (normal+rim+spec, normal+rim+spec+illumination).
– Unity 5.x: Full PBR support.
– Whole furniture and doors are prepared as interactive objects
– Three bonus scripts (fan rotation and two types of light animation)

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