HE – Abandoned Manor MegaPack v.2

Download HE – Abandoned Manor MegaPack v.2 FREE Unity. 

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Tired of rocks and stones? Can’t look anymore at trees and plants? Great! Get this huge package and learn how to build modular interiors for current-gen consoles and PCs!


This package contains:
– Over 140 prefabs (brushes, furniture, realtime curtains, pottery, lamps etc.)
– Examples of realtime clothes (Unity 4.x only, Unity 5 clothes update soon!)
– Irregular objects are always with hand-crafted, optimized mesh colliders.
– Textures from 1k to 4k.
– Unity 4.x: Four bonus shaders (example rim, optimized rim+spec, rim+spec+dust, rim+spec+illumination).
– Unity 5.x: Full PBR support.
– The whole furniture, windows and doors are prepared as interactive objects (wings, handles, drawers etc. are sub-objects).

Latest update: beds, retro and art-deco lamps, new brushes/segments

Unity 4.x note: Keep in mind that in order to use full-screen effects, refraction etc. used in example scene (and visible at screenshots) you have to use Pro version of Unity.

IMPORTANT: This system is designed for Deferred Shading with Linear Color Space.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/he-abandoned-manor-megapack-v-2-8429

Now download HE – Abandoned Manor MegaPack v.2 FREE Unity

Download For Free Server 1 v2 2.0Download
Download For From GoogleDrive v2 2.0Download

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