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HDRP Time Of Day – Lighting, Weather & Clouds

Full-featured lighting, sky, and weather system with a day-night cycle and volumetric clouds.

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Did you ever create a great outdoors scene in Unity, but were let down by the lighting?

Lighting can be one of the biggest challenges in the HD render pipeline – there are so many settings that influence the end result.

It is easy to take the wrong turn and end up with a completely misconfigured scene, especially under the dynamic conditions of a running day-and-night cycle. This just gets even more difficult when you add in clouds and weather as well.

But, when lighting and post fx is done right, it can transform a mediocre scene into something full of wonder and joy, and this is what HDRP Time Of Day can do for you!

HDRP Time of Day is a lighting system with day-and-night cycle, volumetric clouds and weather effects out of the box, and all managed from one convenient place.

It also contains a weather effects system that allow you to simulate the change in lighting that occur during snow, rainfall, sandstorms or your own custom weather effects.

Our dynamic lighting probe system allows you to use baked reflection probes in a dynamic day and night cycle to get a rich balanced depth to your scene which is difficult to achieve otherwise.

HDRP Time of Day is integrated with Gaia Pro 2021, and GTS – Glype Terrain Shader so that weather effects are transparently replicated across your entire scene!


HDRP Day and night cycle with light, sky and post processing adapting to the current time of day and weather.

Seamlessly tune the most important aspects of your HDRP lighting setup during the different times of day with curves and gradients.

Weather Effect System with Rain, Snow and Sand Storms – Extensible so you can add in your own weather effects.

Reflection Probe system to support a baked global reflection probes with changing lighting conditions.

Profile based – save your favorite settings to use them in other scenes / projects.

Fully compatible with native HDRP features / effects.

Night sky with stars and moon.

Local override volumes.

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