You are currently viewing [HDRP/Built-in/URP] Medieval Fantasy Ruins – Dark Forest Environment

[HDRP/Built-in/URP] Medieval Fantasy Ruins – Dark Forest Environment

Ruins are located in a dark swamp with photogrammetry assets. Many parts to build your own structures. Additional foliage, sounds, and effects. Whole pack with over 400 assets.

We hope the atmospheric level with two lighting scenarios helps you build your own moody place. Filmic quality with photogrammetry assets should give you enough believable and immersive worlds. Medieval fantasy world or demonic monster slasher – it’s all up to you! 🙂 Now with updates you have additional dungeons.

Right now with support not only HDRP as default but Built-in and URP too. Download a proper engine version with proper render pipeline. If needed re-download. If any problems please let us know at We will help with that.

Main meshes: