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Hair Tool

Download Hair Tool FREE Unity. 

Requires DX11. 



Hair tool is a plugin for creating animated hair and cloth. 

Physics are implemented with a custom engine based on Verlet integration and executed on GPU (Compute Shader). You can configure elasticity, gravity, drag, and curves in editor. Sphere Colliders and Swept Spheres can be added to bones so it interacts with the body a realistically. Unity WindZone component is supported. 

Animation Skinned mesh renderer is supported. Blend Shapes are supported

Lighting is based on Kajiya-Kay reflection model. Directional, Point, Spotlights, Cookies and Normal Depth Texture are supported.

Shadows are implemented as a Unity shadow caster pass.

The editor is integrated into Unity. Also, you can create hair geometry with Maya, Blender and 3dmax.

Plans for the next updates:
– Metal