Hair Designer 1.5.7

Download Hair Designer 1.5.7 Free Unity

Hair designer is an amazing tool for generating dynamic hair and fur within unity editor.

forum – demo & doc

Easy :
With a single component, you can paint strands on the mesh. You can add layers with different settings and materials.

Full control :
you control the polycount, and the material settings in the same component: Shape, colors, density, wave, bounciness…
4 amazing customizable shaders: Texture Atlas, procedural hair&fur, standard and fire/aura.
The fur generator is really easy to use, you can draw the fur on the model!
Generate your own hair texture with the included generator. Automatic generation of diffuse, normal, ao and Specular/aniso. You can change the settings and apply them in no time!
Fast :
For each layer, hair strands are packed into a single mesh. Motion is computed by GPU, it’s very fast!

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