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GUI Pro – Survival Clean

✨  GUI PRO Kit – Sci-Fi Survival : Web Demo  ✨

• It’s just a GUI skin that comes with the layout demo scene.

◼ Key Features ◼
2700+ sources as PNG
300 pictogram icons (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512)
90 unique item icons (128×128, 256×256, 512×512)
Pre-made pop-ups
Fonts included
PSD included

◼ Assets ◼
• Prefabs
Buttons, Frames, Labels, Popups, Sliders, Toggles, Demo_UI, DemoScene_Panels
• DemoScene
Title, TitleLoading, Loading, LobbyMain, OfflineReward, PowerSave News, LobbyTutorialCharacter, LobbyTutorialFocus, LobbyUserInfo, PopupSignIn PopupSignup, PopupUsername, SurvivorsSearch, SurvivorsList, ChooseCharacter, ChooseWeapon, Equipment, UpgradeCar, EquipmentDetail, PlayHome, ChracterDetail, LevelUp, PlayMap, PlayStage, PlayType1, PlayType2, PlayResultVictory, PlayExploreResultFail, PlayStageResult, PlayWarningEffect, PlayPuase, PlayTypeText, Misson ShopSpecial, ShopGold, ShopBullet, ShopUpgrade, Inbox, Setting, Language, ADRemove, Rate, RouletteDefault, BonusEvent, RewardWeek, RewardMoth, ErrorNetwork, Message, PopupEUALPrivacy PopupUpdate, CommonFunctionIcon, Component1~5

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