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GTS – Glyph Terrain Shader

GTS is the perfect shader for beautiful Unity landscapes.

Upgrade to GTS for amazing, realistic terrains!

Unity terrains can be difficult to texture and light, and they often look flat and unrealistic. Other terrain shaders are either too complex or not adjustable in real time. GTS is the perfect solution. Our shader is easy to use, yet provides amazing results.

How it works.

1. Create and texture your terrain.

2. Open up the GTS window and apply a GTS profile to your terrain.

3. Edit your profile and see your terrain update in real-time.

Main Features.

Detail injection – add detail to break up tiling and add interest
Geo injection – add sedimentary formation on selected textures
Height blending – blend textures together based on their relative height
Snow injection – add snow to your terrain, integrated with Gaia
Tesselation – make your rocks pop with tesselation (HDRP only)
Texture variation – add visual interest to your terrain render
Stochastic variation – remove texture tiling with stochastic variation
Triplanar cliffs – preserve texture detail on vertical surfaces
Mesh support – run GTS on pure mesh-based terrains
Low poly support – works great with low poly terrains
API/runtime support – change render settings at runtime.

NOTE: For mesh support, you must first configure GTS on a Unity terrain, and then convert that terrain to a mesh terrain. Gaia has a handy feature to do this, and mesh terrains are usually quite a lot faster than unity terrain.

Integrated Snow & Weather Support.

GTS is nicely integrated into Gaia and our new HDRP Time of Day system. Changing weather now works seamlessly across all Procedural Worlds tools… from terrain to grass to trees, rocks, snow and rain!

Unity & Pipeline Support.

Unity 2021.3 LTS and above, with full support for all render pipelines.

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