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GSpawn – Level Designer

???? Unity Version:
2021.3.27 or above

The Essential Level Design Plugin for Unity
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???? GSpawn Trailer

Get started with GSpawn video tutorials:
???? Intro (Part 1) (Getting Started with Modular Environments)
???? Intro (Part 2) (Getting Started with Outdoor Environments)
???? Decoration Rules (Modular Environment Decoration)
???? Scatter Brush
???? Tile Rules (Part 1) (Prefab Creation & Tile Rule Setup)
???? Tile Rules (Part 2) (Painting Tiles)
???? Tile Rules (Part 3) (Platforms & Ramps)
???? Tile Rules (Part 4) (Connect Tool)

What is GSpawn – Level Designer?
GSpawn – Level Designer is a cutting-edge software product seamlessly integrated with the Unity Editor which allows you to bring your environments to life with an extensive array of features and a user-friendly interface.

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