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Grids 2D

Download Grids 2D Free Unity. 

Grids 2D is easy to use, highly optimized, and flexible grid generator and territory/cell highlighter/fader.


– Configurable, fully interactive, and flexible grid generation, including Voronoi tessellation, boxed, rectangular, and hexagonal types.
– Produces highly optimized grid mesh with reduced vertex count.
– Two levels of regions: cells and territories.
– Fastest selectable and highlighting system for both cells and territories.
– Coloring and fade out support for both cells and territories.
– Control the visibility of individual cells using API or alpha texture mask.
– Change visibility, color or texture of cells from Unity editor with the integrated grid editor.
– Define territories using the API, the grid editor or assigning a color texture
– A* Path Finding support. Get configurable paths from one cell to another with a single function call. Define blocking cells or specify crossing costs for entire cells or custom costs per hexagon side!
– Range function: get reachable cells within a given distance and a starting cell.
– Extensive API (C#) for controlling and managing the grid, including selectable cells/territories, finding neighbors and merging cells.
– 16 demo scenes included with practical examples (checkers board, texture/mosaic revealing, cell visibility, vertex locating, texturing, cell merging, masking, pathfinding, …).
– Works with orthographic and perspective cameras!
– Unity 5.5+, 2017, 2018, and 2019 support.
– Compatible with Standard/built-in and LWRP.
– Full source code included (C#).

Product Documentation | Support Forum | Youtube Channel

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