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Golem Collection

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Important: Soon we will be prepared to refresh the bundle to incorporate one more golem, the thirteenth. When the bundle is refreshed, the cost will be at last set in like manner: to $65. Try not to botch this last chance and get the entire bundle now at a scaled-down cost. Try not to state we didn’t caution you! ?

This pack incorporates all the 12 compelling low-poly golem characters accessible at the UAS. Golems are mecanim humanoid good. Demo scenes incorporate completely set up the third-individual controller for every golem.

This bundle will permit you to spare half over the first cost and get the full Golem Collection.

UPDATE 1.3: New Insect Golem and Stalactite Golem included

UPDATE 1.2: New Obsidian Golem included

UPDATE 1.1: Improved animations and demo scenes.

The assortment incorporates all these advantage store bundles:

– Water Golem

– Air Golem

– Fire Golem

– Crystal Golem

– Plasma Golem

– Nature Golem

– Steam Golem

– Darkness Golem

– Fog Golem

– Obsidian Golem

– Insect Golem

– Stalagmite Golem

Each golem incorporates:

– Customized shaders to mimic FX (if necessary)

– Customized molecule frameworks (if necessary)

– A mix of these surface maps: