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GO Map – 3D Map for AR Gaming

GO Map is a dynamic map SDK for making location based games with unity 3D.
Highly customizable with the classic Unity inspector interface GO Map is the easiest map plugin around.
Choose among various examples to fully understand GO Map capabilities and build every demo scene on your smartphone using real GPS position in few clicks

GO Map now includes GO Terrain! Enjoy maps with elevation, satellite images and lots of more features! …

Official Website
Unity Forum
Web Demo

GoMap support vector tiles data in the protobuffer format using several map APIs:

• Mapbox
• Open Street Map
• Mapzen

GO Map is a real-time 3D map renderer for AR Gaming purposes.
It’s really easy to use and customize, just build it on your device and go outside to try!
Or use it inside editor, it works great too =)

Every element of the map is customizable inside the editor without touching a single line of code.

GoMap will save you a lot of time if you want to make any GPS/Map related application inside Unity 3D.
GoMap will render a full 3D map inside your scene without the use of any raster map image, everything you’ll get is 100% generated by unity code.