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GO Directions – Directions plugin for GoMap

Now supports Mapbox directions!

GO Directions is a plugin for Go Map that will provide an easy access to road directions, meaning that you will need GO Map already in your project before importing this plugin.
GO Directions is really easy to use and to customize via inspector with zero coding required, pretty much like GoMap.

This plugin will make your life easier if you want to add this features to Go Map:

●  Directions from point A to point B using coordinates/address
●  Directions from current location to destination using coordinates/address
●  Point and click directions
●  Driving, walking, transit, bicycling travel modes supported.
●  Mixed directions like walking+transit+walking.
●  Directions via waypoints.
●  Complete route mesh customization via unity inspector.
●  Delegates and methods to easily use GoDirections through code.
●  Ready to build demo scene with search bar for addresses, prefabs for start/stop/transit, Unity UI with directions html text.

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