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Here is the gnome. This small character living in the forest can hide easily and attack his enemies by surprise. He also is capable of casting some magic spells. Despite his tiny size he can be a dangerous opponent.

Geometry is 24.65 Ktris max total ( body: 16.38 Ktris, bludgeon: 664 tris, haircut 1: 5.9Ktris, haircut 2: 3.5 Ktris, haircut 3: 2.4 Ktris, haricut 4: 2.8 Ktris, haircut 5: 1.4 Ktris, beard: 1.87 Ktris, pork chops: 487 Tris, mustaches: 516 Tris, goaty: 850 Tris). Rig is 53 bones. Model uses 2 materials (Main Body and mossy hair).