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Global Snow

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From the creator of Beautify and Volumetric Fog & Mist, comes Global Snow, the most convenient, complete, and gorgeous solution to render your scene as a beautiful winter landscape with a single click. Just add a script to your camera and customize the results.

Global Snow works with your existing scene, including standard Terrain, Tree and Grass, SpeedTree, and many other shaders: you don’t have to change your shaders or use new snowed prefabs.

Global Snow is an all-in-one, drag & drop solution (with many options) that also plays nicely along with other terrain shaders as well.

*** Rendering Features ***

Realistic snow with 4 rendering styles:
• PBR Relief Mapping, a full PBR + optimized volumetric approach which produces a 3D effect of snow bumps.
• PBR Normal-mapped snow, uses albedo, normals and specular workflow.
• Flat shading, a faster mode without normal modification which still looks great!
• Simplified unlit mode, simple yet convenient effect.

✔ Integrated Occlusion and Glitter.
✔ Unity shadow system compatible.
✔ Compatible with Global Illumination.
✔ Compatible with Deferred and Forward rendering paths.
✔ Compatible with Gamma and HDR color spaces.

*** Coverage Features ***

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