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Gibs N Gore

Download Gibs N Gore FREE Unity. 

Check out the NEW 2019 version: Gibs N Gore – Body Parts Pack., An HD Version of this pack with much more GORE-IFFIC content! You own this one already? Then UPGRADE this pack to the NEW one for a discounted price!

Be sure to check out my other NEW (2019) Gore Packs:

Gibs N Gore – Skeleton Pack.
Gibs N Gore – Organs & Gibs Pack.
Gibs N Gore – First Person / VR Arms Pack.
Gibs N Gore – Severed Heads Pack.

If you want a lighter weight, lower poly version for mobile games, then this is the pack for you! If you want higher quality gore for your desktop or vr game then be sure to check out the new Body Parts and gore packs linked above!

What’s it all about?:

Gibs N Gore is all about blood splats, meaty chunks of flesh, body parts, organs and more. Great for horror, FPS or any game that requires gross gory goodness. This pack contains OVER 100 ASSETS, ready to drop into your game projects!

Package Highlights:

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