Geometry FX Particles

Download Geometry FX Particles FREE Unity. 

Update – Added Support for Unity 2019, New Color Grading Stack, HDRP & LWRP.

This package includes over 300 geometrical and cartoon style effects. It’s very easy to customize and creat new one with over 160 sprites to bring those shapes to life.
Update 1.1. Introduce to you 82 brand new effetcs. This update includes Energy Fields, Fire, Fraction Colors Effects, Blizzards, Clouds, Rains, Rays, Smoke, Thunder. We also give you sample scene with some cool preview models from LowPoly Strategy Prototyper Asset.

» » » Interactive Geometry WEB PLAYER Update 1.1
» » » Interactive Geometry WEB PLAYER

Our inspiration were simple geometrical shapes – highly popular so-called “low-poly” shapes – that give you stunning effects in any enviroment. Package comes with geometry groups such as: Circles, Irregular Shapes, Lines & Dots, Polygons, Symbols and Triangles.

If you think about develop some game for mobile devices which is well desiged and have unique style this is must have asset for you.

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