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Genesis for MicroVerse

Genesis for MicroVerse is an extension for MicroVerse. The focus is on getting you started quickly with a MicroVerse setup.

Genesis for MicroVerse is an extension for MicroVerse. MicroVerse, created by industry expert Jason Booth, is a Non Destructive, Real Time environment creation system. No baking, no waiting, no preview windows – everything is live, editable, and updated in real time.

The focus of Genesis is on getting you started quickly with a MicroVerse setup. It consists of helper tools for quick and flexible adjustments for your scene. When Jason started development of MicroVerse he asked me if I wanted to join and contribute with demo scenes and testing. For this I needed to create all kinds of terrain setups in a quick and flexible way. This is how Genesis came to be and I thought I’d share the asset because I think it will be useful for you guys as well.

When you look at my youtube channel you can see that I’m all for prototyping and getting quick results in a very short amount of time. As such I took the opportunity and integrated several more features which aren’t directly related to MicroVerse, such as Post-Processing setup, Lighting setup, Third Person camera setup, etc.

The asset is ready-to-use as it is and at the same time still in active development with more features to come. Features will be added and changed depending on customer feedback. The price will be updated accordingly.

Bundle Option

You can get this asset also as part of this Bundle:

World Building Bundle for MicroVerse


Genesis for MicroVerse consists of these core features, split into various Modules

World Building

create MicroVerse using presets
create and modify terrain
presets for Height Stamps and Terrain Layers
apply the presets to MicroVerse


tools for applying settings to the MicroVerse stamps, e. g. fit stamp to terrain, center stamp, etc


Tools for MicroVerse Roads. Create grid road network, transform roads splines into loopings (eg for rollercoasters), auto connect intersections, etc

Visual Ambience

assign post processing to scene
set sun position using presets


setup third person controller
add application tools

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