Generate Icons From Prefabs

Download Generate Icons From Prefabs Free Unity. 

In some games, you use lots of game items (weapons, power ups, constructions…) This can be even more than hundreds of them (in RPG, MMO, tower defense…) with various upgrades for each…

Once you have all your 3D prefabs done, you often need to show them in inventories or for any UI purpose. Make icons for all of them can be awful and boring…

“Generate Icons” make this action painless. Here the simple workflow:
– You set your desired icon size
– Your naming convention
– Select the prefabs that need icons
– press start button and voilà!

– front and back UI to design your icons
– choose camera angle, and setup lights
– prefix and suffix for icon naming
– save icons near each prefab or put them all in a directory
– use an alpha mask to shape your icons
– use image post-processing effects to make them beautiful
– relaunch the generation an unlimited times
– no code needed!
– still possible for advanced users: define your own game object providers to add auto-generated lists to the queue
– full source code
– and more…

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