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Welcome to GeNa the Rolls Royce of spawning systems for Unity 3D that helps you to create stunning environments fast!!

Created by procedural specialist Adam Goodrich, and supported by an active community, GeNa works on meshes and terrains and creates both structured and unstructured natural and human environments.

GeNa gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and helps you to bring your vision to life by quickly and naturally placing grass, trees, prefabs or even structures made up of groups of prefabs such as villages.

GeNa automatically optimizes the prefabs it spawns by fixing their batching and lighting and adding light probes as needed. The result is better lighting, improved frame rates, and reduced bake times. In my test I reduced bake time by eight hours and this feature alone is an absolute lifesaver!

Key Benefits:
– Simple and easy to use;
– Nicer natural environments;
– Massive time savings;
– Better frame rates;
– Better lighting.

Key Features:
– Fast intuitive setup;
– Works with terrains or meshes;
– Works with single or multiple tiles;
– Automated optimization system;
– Automated light probe placement;
– Spawns grasses, trees or prefabs
– Spawns individual items;
– Spawns complex structures;
– Spawns locally or across entire scenes;
– Composable spawner and sub spawners;
– Design time or runtime spawning;
– Precision placement modification;
– Savable as prefabs for re-use;
– Amazing gravity simulation;
– Rock ledge and rock wall building;
– Cool fence building system;
– Multiple spawn algorithms.

Multiple Spawn Algorithms:
– Organic;
– Clustered;
– Last location;
– Every location;
– Local spawns;
– Global spawns;
– Image and noise based masking;
– Gravity!

Even before it’s launch GeNa is being used by several AAA game studios, and the feedback consistently ranges from somewhere between “Genius!” and “Makes level design fun again.”