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GDOC Dynamic GPU Occlusion Culling

Download GDOC Dynamic GPU Occlusion Culling FREE Unity. 

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Note: only DX11 on Windows (x64) is supported right now

GDOC is a dynamic GPU occlusion culling solution that increases FPS by hiding objects that are not visible by the camera, drastically reducing the number of draw calls. Compared to the built-in occlusion culling, GDOC works at runtime and doesn’t need baking.

— No baking works with procedurally generated, additive and streamed scenes
— No raycasting doesn’t need colliders
— Supports dynamic occluders and occluders
— Most of the work is done on GPU
— Cull’s shadow casters for 1 directional light
— Supports LWRP
— Supports VR multi-pass & single pass (non-instanced)

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