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Gargoyle could be a particular supervisor or a complete mob of your fancy game. With a high-end feature and all the essence required to execute it live on your game. Includes customizable materials, custom shaders on unity4 including standard pbs on unity5 with all the basic animations required. Additionally, there is a “playable” demo-scene exercising unity character controller. Additionally accommodates 2 weapons (hand axe & large axe)

Body: 3.6k tris
Large Axe: 602 tris
Short Goth Axe: 1.1k tris

Gargoyle Character includes a set of custom shaders for unity4 and standard pbs material son unity5.
. 6x Color / Albedo map
. Specular / metalness map
. Ambient occlusion
. Displacement map (DX11 tessellation)
. Cavity map
. Translucency map
. Painting mask
. Normal map
. Opacity mask