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Game Voice Control [Offline speech recognition]

Game Voice Control Plugin is offline recognition of speech commands in different languages.

Please pay ATTENTION to the following: the work of the plugin might be unstable on some PC-s. We are already aware of the problem and are working on the solution. Until the solution is found the plugin is provided free of charge. But please note that it also means that we will not be able to provide support for the current version of the plugin, being busy with fixing the bug.

Free version of plugin

(Works only in Unity Editor)


• Does not require Internet connection;

• Supports 9 different languages;

• Recognition of made-up words (like “FUS RO DAH”);

• Possibility to work with Oculus Quest;

• Activation of speech recognition by means of key word (similar to «Ok Google!» or «Siri»);

• Level adjustment of voice activity detection;

• Multiplatformity;

• Easiness of integration.


Supported languages: