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Game Kit Controller

Game Kit Controller is the most unique, trending and a powerful game framework that permits you to form the foremost form of games terribly simply. Use it as a third/first-person core, to hide most of the genres, a shooter, associate degree journey, action, puzzles, a hard and fast camera horror/thriller, storytelling, a quick or slow-paced sort …

Solid 1st/3rd Person Controller with distinctive Gravity and Sci-Fi features!

Update 2.4c brings inventory banks, checkpoints, improved save system (persistence for inventory, weapons, etc…), captures in-game tool, physics-based puzzles, hide from AI system and a lot of.

Forget about finance time in reinventing the wheel: simply specialise in creating your game, whereas most of the systems are interacting between them. Game Kit Controller quality isn’t merely a start line, however an entire engine on high of unity, designed to be made-to-order by associate degree inspector or/and extended together with your own code.

It is the right foundation for your game and a good learning tool. There are plenty of potentialities. Enable/disable something you would like.

Set up a personality controller or Hawkeye State and take a look at it in a very couple of seconds.

Very customizable effects and options: camera states, configuration and transitions, power grid, weapons, bit controls, head-bob, custom input keys, footsteps, vehicles, etc… Now you can


-Physics-based & root motion controller
-Any variety of additional jumps
-Ragdoll once character dies or receive injury more than a given price
-IK for powers, weapons, vehicles, …
-Procedural Ragdoll system
-Ragdoll to Mecanim & contrariwise
-Uses ragdoll or mecanim once player dies
-Jetpack, sphere controller & fly mode
-Footstep sound system on mesh & tract
-Footprints & mud particles in each step
-Fall injury
-Walk on actual stairs & slopes
-Head track system to seem at objects

-Camera collision detection & states system
-Change between first & 3rd person view
-Shake on injury or external shake with states & triggers
-Headbob with states & external shakes
-Static & dynamic headbob
-Zoom mode & move away the camera
-Start game in third or 1st person
-Lock-on targeting
-Aim assist for 1st/3d person

-Advanced mounted camera system
-Option to follow player’s position
-Option to seem at player
-Player will aim & shoot on this mode
-Start game with mounted camera
-Get a thriller/horror feeling
-Option for swish transitions between views
-Tank-control mode choice

-Walk & run in any surface
-Circumnavigate spheres & regular surfaces
-Run whereas you adhere to any surface
-Change gravity for any object
-10+ completely different form of powers
-Advanced power manager, add as several as you would like
-Close combat system with combos
-Displace objects on rails
-Deflect & project lasers
-Editable key numbers for powers, drag & drop
-Tons of options to customise each power
-Power projectiles with advanced physics management
-Scanner system for objects & enemies
-Scanner shows weak spots on enemies

-Grab & carry objects with physics
-Allows to rotate, zoom, drop & throw objects
-Use tags for objects that may be grabbed
-Grab crates, boxes, friends, vehicles, …anything
-Option to grab object in line with distance
-Option to rotate toward camera & mounted position

-Damage screen with fade color & injury position/direction icons
-Damage & heal numbers in screen
-Advanced injury detection for characters, vehicles, anything
-Configure weak spots, injury multipliers & one shoot killed zones
-Complete editor to configure easily injury receivers
-Trigger functions for injury & death
-Regeneration options

-Advanced character creator wizard
-Create your character in a very number of clicks
-Create NPCs (friends/enemies)
-New characters will keep settings

-Unified keyboard, bit & gamepad input
-Works in any mobile device
-Enable or disable each action
-Gamepad support with movable mouse pointer
-Fully customizable bit controls
-UI bit buttons & joysticks able to use
-Change between joysticks & touchpad
-Save/load & edit bit buttons positions
-Swipe in contact devices
-Rebindable input system ready to save/load
-Accelerometer to rotate the camera

-3rd person shooter aim mode
-Extensible & customizable arm
-Shoot in initial & third person
-Advanced IK
-Full weapon executive department
-Change between weapons in any camera mode
-Separated camera for weapons in First person
-Draw, walk, aim & keep weapon actions
-Insane quantity of configurations
-Procedural weapon sway & motion
-Realistic physics projectile shells
-Insane quantity of options to shoot: unfold, projectiles per shoot, clip size, bullet speed, bullet force quantity, explosion radius, …
-Camera shake for each pink-slipped projectile
-Smooth transition in weapon modification, camera fov aiming, …
-Procedural weapon recoil
-13+ completely different weapons: revolver, assault gun, double piece, optical maser mineworker, flashlight,..
-Pick & drop weapons ingame
-Weapon & implements of war pickups
-Auto shoot by tags & layers
-Pocket system to hold mutiple weapons

-Advanced decals for projectiles
-Work on primitives, meshes & terrains
-Configure sound, scorch, particles & fade

-Powerful inventory system
-Pick, drop, use, look or scan information for every inventory object
-Use objects by menu, interaction button or trigger
-Option to use animation on used objects
-Complete custom editor system to configure every object intercalary
-Any variety of slots & quantity of objects per slot
-Smart inventory management
-Look, rotate & concentrate each 3d model object in game
-Easy capture manager: Use actual 3d model pictures
-Increase inventory size in game with luggage
-Limited or infinite slots & quantity per slot

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