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Game Creator is a complete tools suite that will help you kickstart your game in a matter of minutes. It empowers artists, designers and programmers with the necessary tools to create games without having to write a single line of code.


• Visual Scripting: Powerful high-level instructions that are so easy to use that feels like cheating — Actions are instructions executed from top to bottom. Triggers allow you to react to events by executing its corresponding Actions. You can also use Conditions to execute Actions depending on certain conditions.

• Characters: Creating a character is literally two clicks away. Adding your custom 3D model? One more click and you’re ready to go. It supports multiple control schemas, including WASD, Point & Click, Follow Pointer and Side-Scroll.

• Cameras: Set up your cinematic scenes using multiple cameras shots and transition between them at runtime with an Action. There are multiple camera types, including dolly cameras, fixed position cameras, shoulder cameras, animated cameras, and many more!

• Complete Save/Load System: Game Creator comes with a complete Save & Load system that automatically keeps track of the most important game data. The best part is that executing a simple Save Game action is all you need to save the game. To load a game, just use the Load Game action. Can’t get any easier!

• Variables: A complete Variable system that allows keeping track of your game’s state. It includes Global Variables, Local Variables and List Variables.

• Module Manager: Game Creator allows to seamlessly install and manage modules designed to extend its functionalities.

• Game Creator Hub: Looking for a very specific Action that isn’t in Game Creator? We got you covered! Download free community made Actions, Conditions and Triggers! Are you a programmer? You can contribute by uploading your custom extensions! Click here to know more.

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  1. Lux

    1.1.3 version is out plz update it

    1. mdazhar007

      Yea! we are getting request about the latest one. hopefully will update soon. Thanks for the query!

    2. mdazhar007

      We have updated it, its v1.1.1. We will soon add the latest one hopefully

  2. Rathin hasan

    Hello sir, i download this tools from here but when i completely import this Package in my project, then i get all the files but i did not get the dedicated buttons and game creator window also missing. Any solutions for this? Pleas sir give a solution.
    In other package which have dedicated buttons and window that’s also missing after package import same like as game creator package. Please sir give a solution. Otherwise all package are useless.

  3. Alex Costa

    Hello Dear Brother, Please Upload Game Creator V1.1.5. Also Upload Shooter Module. this kit also very important with Game Creator. Old versions of Game creator have some errors. So please Upload Latest versions of Game Creator. thank you. many loves for you.

    1. mdazhar007

      Will update ASAP, Thanks for your love and support, hope our website is helping you…..

  4. Bruno Wilson

    Hello Admin,
    Please Upload Game Creator V1.1.5 Latest. Old version have some bugs. so Please Update us with latest version. Also Upload latest version of Module with Game creator (Behavior, Quests, Shooter, Inventory, Malee) Upload it fast…. Please Admin its high time already. We wanna see the Latest version of Game Creator here in this site… many people will be helped by this.
    Please highly concentrate on this….

    Love You Admin,

  5. Alissa Helen

    Hey i love this sites. Please Upload “Game Creator V1.1.5 latest versions”

    I see this site admin is very professional 🏆💖💚💜
    so its very easy to give us the update software.
    So Updates as soon as possible. We are waiting.

  6. mdazhar007

    Hey! Thanks a lot for all your kind words, we have got so many requests already, We are hunting every single trending and latest assets. We also had created vote now page where you people could only pay a penny and get your desired assets. We have made this website for the entire globe and trying to fulfil all the request ASAP, we will again make pop up window for donation. Your 1$ can help us hunt your desired asset. Let us know if you guys are interested, Follow us on Facebook, VK, Twitter. The communication may become easier.

    Thanks & Regards
    Team unityassets4free

  7. crist16

    Please upload Dialogue Module,

  8. Snow

    Can you please upload the dialogue module it is so needed!

    1. mdazhar007

      We will soon, it is highly requested…

      1. BadMink

        Hey man any news on this asset the most important modules are the dialogue and the melee ones could you please upload those! Thank you

        1. mdazhar007

          We literally trying our level best to fulfil every single queries, dont bother it will be uploaded soon hopefully…

  9. wiplash

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this asset with us! Just a quick question, right now there is a newer version, can we get an update on this?

    1. Unityassets4free

      We do regularly update all the assets… join our telegram channel to get the latest update.

  10. rithik

    Hi thank u for your support

  11. anonymous

    hope u get dialogue soon

  12. Sean

    There is no download link. Can you please supply one or am I missing something?

    1. mdazhar007

      go to page 2 of every post, there you will find download button, after that if you face any issue, go to search bar and just search for an article named how to download unity assets.

  13. Sean

    Joined the Telegram group you mention, but still can’t download anything. All the links in Telegram go back to this page, so not very useful.

    1. mdazhar007

      we get tons of downloads every single day, we dont understand what are you talking about

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