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Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 07 – Wetland Area

Gaia sampler assets which come with Gaia include samples from the following publishers/packs. We are mainly showcasing these because samples in the screenshots because they already come prepackaged with Gaia. But for control and a much wider variety of models, please consider supporting these publishers by buying their packs/products! Note, only samples from the packs are included with Gaia. Not the complete packs!

– Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge
– Real Rocks from MotuProprio
– Grasses from Turboscalpeur
– Trees from SpeedTree
– Textures from

In addition to the Gaia sampler assets, I also used the following assets which are not included:
– Sky by Tenkoku from Tanuki Digital
– Water by Suimono from Tanuki Digital
– Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion camera effect from Michael Jimenez
– Beautify – camera effects from Kronnect
– uNature (formerly Trees Manager System) – tree/grass management from EE Productions
– Volumetric Fog & Mist – ground fog from Kronnect

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