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Gaia Pro 2021 – Terrain & Scene Generator

Multi Tile Support
GPU Accelerated Stamping
GPU Accelerated Spawning
Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX
Built In, URP, HDRP Shaders
Water System with water Shaders & underwater effects
Third Party Extensions
Stackable Filtering
Mesh conversion (Terrain to Mesh).

Gaia Pro – All of Gaia 2 PLUS:

Massive World Creation Support
Non Destructive Massive World Edit Support
Massive World Streaming & Culling Support
Additional stamping & erosion operations
Additional masking operations
Mask exporting system
Spawnable VFX system and assets
Spawnable Sound FX system and assets
Integrated Weather System with rain and snow
Time of Day Lighting System
HQ Photogrametry Enhanced Biome Assets & Presets
Multiple pre-configured biomes
Low-poly-style Terrain Mesh Conversion.

Gaia Pro2021 – All of Gaia Pro PLUS:

World Designer – fully procedural world generator
Flora Grass / Detail System – accelerated grass system (HDRP beta)
Photo Mode – awesome runtime photo creation system
World Space Masks – world space image and distance masks
Terrain Addition / Deletion support – dynamically grow your world
Biome Based Stamping – shape your terrain as part of your biome
Terrain Stitching Tool – dynically connect terrains to remove gaps
GAIA API – call Gaia functions within editor.

Still not sure ?

Give Gaia 2 a go instead. Gaia 2 is a cut down version of Gaia Pro. The upgrade from Gaia 2 to Gaia Pro is discounted to ensure that even if you try Gaia 2 first, you will not be out of pocket when you upgrade to Gaia Pro.

Third Party Licences:

Gaia contains sample assets from other publishers that have been included with their permission, shaders derived from the Unity Standard Shaders package, and shaders derived from the Unity Terrain Tools package and made available for use under the Unity Companion License. Information about these licences have been included within the relevant directories in Gaia.

Upgrade Policy:

Every year as we further develop our products we will charge an upgrade fee which is usually around 20-50% of the full purchase price for the next major release of our software. These upgrades are aligned to the major Unity versions they support. You are not obliged to update to newer versions of our products if you do not need to, however old versions of our products will not be supported on new versions of Unity. All upgrade money is fed back to the team to ensure that we can continue to update, grow and support our products and customers over time.

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At Procedural Worlds we create quality products that are easy to use, nicely integrated and well supported. Your investment supports our team so that we can create better products sooner and provide you with timely support now. To learn more about us please check out our reviews and then come and say hello or ask a question on our discord channel.

Our World Creation Products:

Gaia 2 – Gaia 2 is an introductory version of Gaia Pro. Gaia 2 expands on the original Gaia 1 with multi terrain and biome support.

GeNa 2 – Nominated by Unity as one of the best assets of 2018, GeNa 2 is a sophisticated level design tool that augments Gaia’s broad brush strokes, by working intuitively to give fine grained control in the placement of assets into your scene.

GeNa Pro – GeNa Pro os the big brother of GeNa 2. It is a complete re-write, and includes all of the capability of GeNa 2 plus the ability to create splines, rivers, roads and villages and to shape and fill your terrain with rocks, trees grasses and more.

SECTR Complete 2019 – A suite of performance-enhancing tools that enable open world streaming, massive mobile games and includes the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation.

Our World Enhancement Products:

Ambient Sounds – A tool that creates interactive soundscapes that also comes with professionally composed sound effects and music library.

Ambient Skies – An integrated Skies, Post FX and Lighting system that makes it easy to create visually beautiful scenes.

Our Utilities:

Pegasus – A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation, and local avoidance for your NPCs and animals!

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