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G8 MODULAR Space Station

This Original package contains one “Modular Space station – G8”.

[ Updated May 2022 ] Reworked textures, MODULAR Space Station G8 reloaded, now textures are PBR compatible, new Photoshop file, weapons added. Check previews for details. Composed of 10 parts. Can be combined, moved, copied, rotated and scaled to create various huge space stations. (see preview for details).

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Poly count: Polys/23.288 – Verts/24.876 – Tris/44.582 with no duplicated modules or weapons added.

_Textures included (Tiff):

_PBR Materials (see previews)

_1 Diffuse / Albedo map 4096×4096

_1 Normal map 4096×4096