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Futuristic Scifi Weapons Pack

This package contains 3 scifi weapons (1 pistol, 1 rifle and 1 machine gun). All of them have detachable cartridge clips, ammo boxes and bullets. They can be used in a great variety of games, especially 1st and 3rd person shooter games.

Machine Gun: 16410 Vertices, 9260 Triangles.
Rifle: 10391 Vertices, 6954 Triangles.
Pistol: 3998 Vertices, 2695 Triangles.
Machine Gun Ammo: 9762 Vertices, 9576 Triangles.
Rifle Ammo: 5977 Vertices, 5870 Triangles.
Pistol Ammo: 9406 Vertices, 13344 Triangles.
Machine Gun Bullet: 417 Vertices, 414 Triangles.
Rifle Bullet: 417 Vertices, 414 Triangles.
Pistol Bullet: 336 Vertices, 332 Triangles.
Machine Gun Bullet Casing: 506 Vertices, 476 Triangles.
Pistol Bullet Casing: 310 Vertices, 284 Triangles.

Up to 4k resolution diffuse, metallic, normal and emission maps.

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