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FurryS2: Sorceres and Archer

Download FurryS2: Sorceres and Archer Free Unity. 

*Watch full pictures resolution on Artstation here

If you use Unity 2020 and HDRP 10.x or above you need update shader following this video tutorial

** Update 08/24/2020 ***

– Setup ready in HDRP

– New shader same as my newest package

– Transmission for Skin included

– Rigged to my Female Avatar same as my newest female characters

This version change all struction of character, please remove and clean old version in your project before update.



Characters are designed for RPG games with separate parts for you to choose the character you like and some characters are grafted.

There are many pieces of characters separated for you to choose

*** Special thank to Balrond who help me adjust and fix camera work better


In case you use other animation packages, you should Adjust Avatar pose to correct animations

For best result with physic you should use Dynamic Bone for metal chain

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