Fullscreen Editor

Download Fullscreen Editor Free Unity

Want to play your game in fullscreen without building it? Want to edit your scene in fullscreen?
Now you can!

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• Plug ‘n’ play, it works out of the box
• Better performance since version 2.1.0, no more framerate drops!
• Multi-screen support, use as many monitors as you want
• Fullscreen on the play, because maximize on the play is a waste of space
• Configurable to best fit your needs
• Non-intrusive
• Fullscreen for any window, even the whole editor
• Keep the state, don’t lose changes made on the full-screened window
• Clean code

An extension that does what its name says, it puts editor windows in fullscreen mode, simple and easy, useful for recording, testing in a real gaming environment and tweaking your scene.
Everything is still fully functional in fullscreen.

How to Use
Simply press the shortcut to fullscreen a window or close it, defaults are:

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