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Full Game Kit Hammer 2

Download Full Game Kit Hammer 2 FREE Unity

Awesome action-packed shooter example project to see how it’s done! Create your own third-person open-world game using this kit!
(This requires intermediate Unity and C# skills!)

The package contains:
Fully working and buildable game!
All scripts and assets are accessible, editable, and commercially useable!

Full Game Kit Hammer 2 Scripts
* Thirdperson character controller
* Camera system including camera shakes
* Destructible buildings tech
* Bullets, explosions and area damage
* Enemy and pickup spawners
* Enemy, boss and enemy vehicles behavior
* Controllable vehicles and turrets
* Ambient system
* Options and settings
* Achievements
* Streamable preloading for the web player
* Global and local data management
* Player progress saving and loading
* Full game flow, pausing, retrying, unlocking
* New scalable Unity GUI
* Flexible button and navigation system
* Minimap system
* Shop for in-game currency
* Localization
* XGUI 2d helper scripts
* Xbox 360 controller support

* Lowpoly characters and animations
* Lowpoly vehicles, buildings, streets
* Lots of low-poly misc. assets such as crates, barrels and streetlights
* All with clear high res cartoon-style textures
* Lots of effects, flashes, particles and explosions
* 5 royalty-free music tracks for you to use
* Over a 100 crystal clear game sound effects
* Loads of icons, buttons and backgrounds

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  1. luis

    The project is great but it is no longer working correctly in the new versions of unity since it was created in unity 4.5 and updated to unity5

    1. mdazhar007

      We will upload the new one when we get it. Thanks

  2. Muhanmmad Aawais

    give link to download thank you so much

    1. Unityassets4free

      We already have uploaded it to google drive, what more you want?

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