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Full Game Kit Hammer 2

Download Full Game Kit Hammer 2 FREE Unity

Awesome action-packed shooter example project to see how it’s done! Create your own third-person open-world game using this kit!
(This requires intermediate Unity and C# skills!)

The package contains:
Fully working and buildable game!
All scripts and assets are accessible, editable, and commercially useable!

Full Game Kit Hammer 2 Scripts
* Thirdperson character controller
* Camera system including camera shakes
* Destructible buildings tech
* Bullets, explosions and area damage
* Enemy and pickup spawners
* Enemy, boss and enemy vehicles behavior
* Controllable vehicles and turrets
* Ambient system
* Options and settings
* Achievements
* Streamable preloading for the web player
* Global and local data management
* Player progress saving and loading
* Full game flow, pausing, retrying, unlocking
* New scalable Unity GUI
* Flexible button and navigation system
* Minimap system
* Shop for in-game currency
* Localization
* XGUI 2d helper scripts
* Xbox 360 controller support

* Lowpoly characters and animations
* Lowpoly vehicles, buildings, streets
* Lots of low-poly misc. assets such as crates, barrels and streetlights
* All with clear high res cartoon-style textures
* Lots of effects, flashes, particles and explosions
* 5 royalty-free music tracks for you to use
* Over a 100 crystal clear game sound effects
* Loads of icons, buttons and backgrounds