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FT Magic Effects Volume02

Download FT Magic Effects Volume02 FREE Unity. 

Unity5 ready!
13 high quality beam and magic projectile effects.
This asset was using the previous particleplayground but has been removed from version 2.0.
Asset has been made ​​with shuriken particle system.

Forum Thread
Version1.1 The animation of projectile02 and projectile04 was corrected.
Version1.2 Add corrected prefab.
Version1.3 Correct texture size.
Version1.4 Add loop version prefab.
Version1.5 Rename some object and prefab.
Version1.5 Add new 13 ParticlePlayground effects.
Version1.6 Add 13 ParticlePlayground effect
Version1.7 Update sample scene and ready to Unity5
Version1.8 Update script.
Version2.0 Remove ParticlePlayground